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Natural Fiber Detox

Detox your body, increase metabolism value
All natural: not chemical and not pharmaceutical.
The health importance
The health is important
The health importance
The health is important

There are many functions in your body, most still unknown. But the systems that the science already discover are important and also easy to well mantain:
  1. Balance of the digestive system (increasing the frequency of excretion, increasing the mass of the stool)
  2. Reduces the accumulation of toxins in the body (use regular detox)
  3. Increase the amount of healthy microorganisms (eat plenty of dietary fiber)
  4. Blood sugar levels (Reduce incoming of useless sugars)
  5. Cholesterol levels (fight fatty acid and fat accumulation)
  6. Keep young (at least try with more antioxidants)
  7. Keep strong (vitamins and minerals)
  8. Burn fat (excercise and balanced diet)
  9. Preserve natural immune system of the intestine (eat live: yogurt, yeast, fruit, vegetables)
If you want to read the whole composition of Dena go to the detox with fiber products page. Here more information this natural health drink solution and its benefits

Eat natural food
Natural essences
Natural essences
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Stay fit
Good bowel functions
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Detox and weight control
The Contents of Dena formulation in short:

Dena Detox Brand Degus

Good metabolism, good health, good skin.
Main features:
  1. Continued use for one week (the first) lead to reduce 1-2 kg in weight, and after the first week continuously drinking regularly will improve the health of the skin
  2. No side effects of course, because the use of natural ingredients only. All the mixes are from a natural extracts. You can stop drinking it anytime.
  • Inhibit the formation of new fat by obstructing the conversion of sugar into fat. So reduce fat accumulation.
  • Accelerate the metabolism, uses the old fat accumulation and reduce cholesterol.
  • Reduce the absorption of sugar and fat, thus reducing the formation of new fat.
  • Drinking continuous helps the body balance. Pull the fat out to use it effectively.
  • Reduce the amount of calories in the diet. The body gets fewer calories to use longer.
  • Fibers like vegetables, fruits are full of vitamins.
  • Increase the excretion to help the intestines.
  • Anti-oxidant and anti-aging reduce wrinkles, black spots and inhibit skin pigmentation. Stimulates skin cell renewal
  • Eliminate toxins in the body. Strengthen the function of the liver. Help fight cancer.
  • Balance the hormone in the body in the older people. No menstrual cramps, reduce bad breath odor.
  • Chlorophyll and vitamins protein enter the body making healthy skin.

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