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How to use detox products and how to lose weight

Detox your body, drink healthy
Read how to use our Detox Drink
Drinking detox
Drinking Dena detox for your body
Drinking detox
Drinking Dena detox for your body

How to use Dena Detox
Drink detox
Easy refreshing drink

Would you like to lose weight, feel healthy, full of energy, all day long fresh and with a smooth skin?

To keep you body at the top you have to keep your metabolism at the top.
Detox really help but if you also exercise you will see an extreme change. Here a diet for you to follow:

Fit rules for 30 y/o. Female

(For men just add 500 calorie per day)

Timing: 2 month. Check results after 2 weeks and after one month.

You have to be sure you don’t have diabetes problems, heart problems and being pregnant

  1. Work out: 4 day at least each week; sit up 30 times 3 set then 20 minutes walk+running , and other exercise you like, in total 1 hour. Good if you can also swim.
  2. Food/drinks: what absolutely NOT to eat/drink:
    • Fried food (French fried, fried rice, fried sausage, fried chicken, pat gap kao…)
    • Salad dressing (use Extra Virgin olive oil with salt and vinegar, lemon juice if you like)
    • Cookies, ice cream, cakes, bakery (except for whole wheat bread)
    • Yogurt (except Bulgaria brand with red stripe, that is the only one you can have)
    • Packet sausage from the supermarket/minimart
    • Coke, diet coke, Pepsi, Fanta, fruit juice, fruit shakes, Yakult, Thai Milk Tea
    • Food supplements of any kind except Dena
    • Fruit wine, cocktails, Spy, whiskey and mixers (wine –be sure is NOT fruit wine- and beer is ok if moderate)

  3. Suggested diet:
    • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack eat what you like any time you want (except the above list), but never above 2000 calories in total per day (If you will feel OK after one month (not before), reduce to 1700 calories per days to lose more weight).
    • Buy and keep home/office plenty of fruit, vegetable to eat anytime you feel hungry (carrot, apple, banana, whatever you like)
    • Drink minimum 4 liters of water per day
    • Coffee/tea is good. You can add 1 (only 1) spoon of sugar with your coffee. Do NOT use creamer, coffee mate or diet sugars!
    • The last time you eat food must be at 6pm: dinner at 5:30! After 6pm no more food, only water.
    • If you feel like in need of sugar, at anytime even after 6pm, taste a little bit of honey. If you have this feeling often you must revised this diet.
How to easily count calories (the value are approximate to help you in count):
  1. White Rice, white pasta, is 150 calories for 100gr. 1 rice serving or noodle serving with some food is 600 calories as well as pasta dish.
  2. See food: fishes, squid and shrimps have an average 150 calories per 100gr of editable product excluding fried food that you cannot eat.
  3. Steak or real sausages are 200 calories for 100gr without sauce.
  4. Ham is 150 calories for 100gr. Bread is 300 calories for 100gr. If you make yourself a sandwich with 2 slices of Farm house bread and 50 gram of ham is 250 calories (without mayonnaise or other crap dressing, you can use a bit of oil and salt).
  5. Oil and butter is 900 calories for 100gr. 1 oil teaspoon is 45 calories.
  6. Milk is 70 calories for 100gr. 1 glass is 200gr = 140 calories.
  7. 1 small cheeseburger is 400 calories.
  8. 1 sugar teaspoon is 15 calories
  9. Cheese is 400 calorie for 100gr, cheese is good in moderate amount, it is full of protein, calcium and mineral salts that you will lose while exercising.
  10. 1 small Pizza 4 inch is 600 calories
  11. Yogurt Bulgaria 1 serving is 150 calories.
  12. Red wine 1 glass not full is 100 calories, 1 can of beer is 140 calories
  13. Vegetable and fruit don’t have to count, eat as you like and eat plenty of them!

  14. Drink Dena detox before bed about 5 days then stop and restart the next week for 3 days a week for one month.

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